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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Excellent source for online radio streams

All About

Who we are…

As talk radio fans ourselves, we wanted easy access to the best talk radio programming on the internet… without having to run endless searches to find out where a favorite program could be found. Why constantly search for shows? TalkStreamLive has compiled a ready made bookmark of the best in talk radio programming… airing right now in real time.

How it Works…
Radio stations worldwide stream their talk shows for anyone to listen to via the internet. TalkStreamLive provides a dynamic list of links to these talk shows that are streaming live right now. Users can hyperlink to a station web site via the TalkStreamLive list and listen to their favorite talk radio shows without the need of searching or calculating time zone differences. When a show goes off the air, it is replaced with a new live program. TalkStreamLive has done the work for you.

The List…
The list never sleeps. It operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing hyperlinks to current live talk shows. The list also indicates the most popular links on TalkStreamLive. The bars you see indicate which shows have received the most clicks… So programs are ranked on the list by popularity according to our users preferences that day.

Users of TalkStreamLive may read thread titles of blogs that have subject matter relating to or about talk radio topics. Clicking on a hyperlinked title takes the user to the blog. You must register with the blog provider to contribute to the blog. Please Note: These blogs are on the internet and we have no control over what is posted. They do not represent the views or opinions of TalkStreamLive. Some of these blogs may be offensive, reader discretion is advised.

The Library…
The featured books are authored by talk show personalities or are current newsworthy titles you may be interested in. Users may click on the book for more information or to purchase the book from Amazon.

Technical Information…
Most of the stations stream in Windows Media or Real Audio. If you are having problems listening, follow the link provided to the station’s web site for more listening options and information. TalkStreamLive is an advertiser supported worldwide website. There is never a charge to our users – please support our advertisers by clicking on their links.

We hope you enjoy TalkStreamLive as we enjoyed making it. TalkStreamLive is truly a website for the talk radio enthusiast -- Your home!

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